Acting is really for everyone: Kamil Haque

Kamil Haque is a Singapore-based actor and film coach. After working and coaching for 8 years in Los Angeles, Kamil returned to Singapore in 2013 to establish the Haque Centre of Acting and Creativity (HCAC). Recently, Filmwallas had the opportunity to sit down with Kamil Haque for a quick chat on how he manages to juggle so many responsibilities. He also shared his opinions on the current state of the film industry.

By Victoria Chua

The role of a documentary is to ask questions: Tan Pin Pin

Critically acclaimed filmmaker Tan Pin Pin’s latest work, In Time to Come, revolves around the excavation of two time capsules, depicting the rituals and passing of time. Filmwallas had the opportunity to interview her on her work and journey so far as a filmmaker so far.

By Victoria Chua

Adit Dileep on being multicultural, living truthfully and South Asian representation in Hollywood

Adit Dileep is a Hollywood actor, who grew up in India and Singapore. He is known for his stellar work on award winning film Midnight Delight and more recently, as hip-hop sensation JJ Smooth in Netflix’s Brown Nation.

By Adit Dileep

Interview with Shilpa Krishnan Shukla

Take What You Have and Shoot It However You Can: Award-Winning Independent Filmmaker Shilpa Krishnan on Budget Filmmaking and Creating Content.

Interview with Edmund Yeo_files

Challenge Yourself, Challenge Your Cinematic Heroes: Award-winning Filmmaker Edmund Yeo on Honouring Legacies, Emotional Authenticity andCreative Inspiration.